Why Should I Reserve a Bronco?

September 29th, 2020 by

2021 Ford Bronco

Are you thinking about placing a reservation to order the new Bronco, or are you unsure and thinking about waiting till they start appearing on Dealership lots over the next year?

The launch of the Ford Bronco is expected to be Ford’s biggest launch ever. With an overwhelming demand that continues to grow, expectations have not been higher. 

To gauge interest for the new Bronco lineup, Ford introduced a $100 reservation fee which was collected by Ford and not the dealers. Very similar to what Tesla did with the CyberTruck launch, early reports are that Ford has already received around 165,000 reservations in August.

While reservations aren’t orders themselves, they will serve as a place in line for customers to receive their Bronco allocation. How does the reservation/order process work you might ask? Well, let’s outline it below.

Reservation Process:

  1. Customers go to https://www.ford.ca/suvs/bronco/2021/reservation-information/ and select the model, trim level and colour of Bronco they wish to reserve.
  2. The customer will then put a $100 deposit on the Bronco which goes directly to Ford Motor Company
  3. Based on your choice of dealer (MacPhee Ford) or postal code area, that dealer will receive your reservation from Ford Canada’s portal.
  4. The dealer will then contact customers who have submitted a reservation and work with them to develop the exact vehicle order
  5. Once an order is confirmed, the dealer will communicate this with Ford, Ford will then refund the $100 deposit. 
  6. Depending on the dealer, typically a deposit is required to secure the order at the dealer level itself. These can range anywhere from $500 – 2500 usually depending on the exclusivity and customization of the order. 

So why should you place a reservation instead of waiting to see a Bronco on the lot? Well, simply put, there won’t be any on the lot for you to see. With an overwhelming demand and Ford indicating that they expect almost 75% of reservations to turn to orders, some customers already won’t be receiving their Bronco until 2022.

If you have any more questions about the Bronco reservation please give us at MacPhee Ford a call (902) 434-7700, comment on the form below or check out our Bronco information pager HERE. Otherwise, click on RESERVE NOW to put your order in before its too late!

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