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Making sure your brakes are in proper working order will not only make your vehicle last longer, but it can potentially save your vehicle from an accident or even safe your life. But how will you know when to get your brakes maintained?  Let’s take a look.

How do brakes work?

There is 5 steps for how your brakes function.

  1. When you press your foot onto the brake pedal it generates a force that is enhanced by a mechanical leverage.
  2. A piston then moves into the brake cylinder squeezing hydraulic fluid out the end of it.
  3. That brake fluid is then coated around the entire network of braking made up of lines and hoses.
  4. Pressure than transmits to all four brakes
  5. That force makes a friction between the brake pads and the rotors which slows your vehicle down.

When should you maintain your brakes?

There are a few factors that can show signs of bad brakes. Allow us to list them out.

  1. If your vehicle’s brake light comes on
  2. Any squealing or squeaking noises while in motion
  3. Wobbling, vibrations or scraping when braking
  4. A spongy or soft brake pedal
  5. If your vehicle tends to pull to one side when braking
  6. Burning smell coming from your brakes when coming to a stop.

If you notice any of those with your vehicle, we recommend you have a professional take a look over your brakes.

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