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Ford Winter Tires

Ford Winter Tires

The myths and cold hard facts about winter tires

Some people think the bigger and heavier a vehicle, the less of a reason for winter tires. When the fact is size and weight contribute to increasing a vehicle’s average stopping distances. Another common misconception is that all-season tires are enough in winter conditions. However, at 7° Celsius, the rubber compound in all-season tires may start to lose elasticity, resulting in reduced traction. For more information on how best to handle winter driving, watch our videos.

F-150s and the battle against winter

Watch the video, and see F-150s with all-seasons pitted against F-150s with winter tires. This video might change your thinking and driving.

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Ford F150 Winter Tires
Ford Escape Winter Tires

The SUVs vs. the elements

Watch the video to see how all-wheel drive vehicles with winter tires fare against vehicles with all-season tires. Learn what it takes to stay in control and on the road.

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